Feb. 11, 2009: Lack of a deal is dumbfounding


To The Editor:
I was dumbfounded to hear at last week’s Shandaken Town Board meeting that I, on behalf of SHARP, was handing over the reigns to Frank Nazzaro to continue with the flower program. I feel this issue needs to be cleared up immediately.
While it is true that SHARP will not be doing the program this year due to a lack of funding assistance from the town, I think it should be clarified that we are not working with Mr. Nazzaro on this project on any level. Any donations that might be made should not be sent to the SHARP office, nor should they be made out to the Summerscape fund, as was the case in previous years. As for any talks with Frank regarding the flowers, my only conversation with Mr. Nazzaro was to take him to task while in my office recently, over his attempt to undermine our very successful beautification project at a previous town board meeting. No agreements were made and no deal were struck between Frank Nazzaro and SHARP.
We appreciate Frank’s desire to try to accomplish something at no cost. However, his promise to have the ability to administer this program entirely without cost is unrealistic. We have successfully run this program and have relied on the skills of Ted French to negotiate prices and curry favor from local businesses for both financial and physical support. This is a difficult task and he became an expert at it, making fundraising look easy while all the while developing it to an art form. There is much more to running this program than just planting flowers; it is a time consuming labor of love, and I cannot thank Mr. French enough for all of the hard work he put into it.
We wish Mr. Nazzaro success with his flower program.

Buffy Kibe,
SHARP Committee, Inc.