Farm stand law sprouts new ventures

By Jay Braman Jr
Along with the dandelions, two new businesses have sprouted up this spring in Shandaken, where just last month the town adopted a new law that cleared the way for larger farm stands.
Both are readying locations alongside Route 28 in Mount Tremper close by Hanover Farms, the business largely responsible for the new law, establishing that stretch of road as the breadbasket in town.

Migliorelli Farms, located in the Tivoli area of Dutchess County, has taken over the location previously known as Alyce and Rodgers Fruit Stand, which closed two years ago. The farm, established by Angelo Migiorelli in 1933, already provides fresh fruit and produce to over 30 fresh markets a week both locally and in NYC. The farm has stands in Red Hook and Rhinebeck.
In between the Hanover and Migliorelli establishments is landowner Lee Denman, a local excavator/ tree cutter that has eyed opportunity.

Getting ready
This week, Denman is finishing site work for his new enterprise, the Mount Tremper Farm Stand.
“We’re going to put our parking alongside Hudler Road and keep people from parking on Route 28,” Denman said while taking a break from clearing trees. “No sense having someone get killed over a cucumber.”

Denman got his feet wet in the produce business last summer with a little eight-foot by 10- foot shed he sold fruits and vegetables out of. But now a new law allows for a larger establishment, so Denman is putting in the parking lot and a much larger building and still has room to expand. He even rents land down the road about a mile and is farming it this spring.

Easing up a bit
“At my age cutting trees is taking a toll on me,” he said with a grin. “I think running my farm stand will be a little easier.”

Migliorelli Farm is committed to provide fresh fruit and produce that is of the highest quality and exceptionally healthy. A spokesperson for the company said Monday “It is our personal goal to deliver superior products at an affordable price. All of our produce is less than 24 hours young from harvest to point of sale. The pride of Migliorelli Farm is to provide unsurpassed quality, flavor and freshness.”

The Lancaster family, which owns a large tract of land in Mount Tremper, is subdividing a 10-acre parcel of their property on Route 28 for the Migliorellis, one-half mile east from the Hanover Farms operation, where the Alyce and Roger’s Fruit Stand was open for decades. Under the new law, a farm stand on the 10-acre parcel could be a maximum of one-half acre, and that includes the space for parking. A half an acre is 21,780 square feet in size.

Al Higley, the owner of Hanover Farms, is suing the Town of Shandaken for issuing a stop work order on improvements he made to his business. Town Code Officer Richard Stokes issued the order last month, claiming that the work being done exceeds what was permitted. Higley says it is not.