Famed Gerry Estate displayed as part of MARK fund-raiser

It was once the playground of Roosevelts, Harrimans and Vanderbilts, but like some other great celebrities, the magnificent Gerry estate “Aknusti” has also suffered from neglect.
Also aptly named Broadlands, this turn-of-the-century compound stretches over three townships and truly represents life on a Gilded Age baronial scale: from its 20,000-square-foot Georgian mansion to the palatial stables where polo and thoroughbred champions were bred and born, even its builders Robert and Cornelia Gerry dubbed it “Aknusti,” or “expensive proposition” in Native American parlance. 
On September 13, you can experience a once-in-a-generation opportunity to walk inside the mansion itself and bask in its elegant grounds, while supporting community development efforts throughout our area. The MARK Group will be hosting its annual fund-raising celebration on the Broadlands estate, with tastings of wine and Ommegang ales, and sumptuous hors d’oeuvres provided by the chefs of The Andes Hotel.
A special treat will be the opportunity to actually step inside the “Aknusti” mansion, with historian Marian Jardine serving some tantalizing “dish” about this fabled estate and its even more famous visitors.
“Broadlands is the perfect setting to remind ourselves of the rich architectural, landscape, and social history that has always drawn people from all walks of life to our area,” said MARK Group Executive Director Peg Ellsworth, adding “And appropriately, fund-raiser guests will be supporting MARK’s future community development activities and sustainable housing efforts at the same time.” 
Since the estate has been purchased by the exclusive Aman Resorts, Aknusti is soon destined to become the playground of the privileged once again, so this fund-raiser is a truly unique opportunity to enjoy the estate for a charitable, rather than “Aknusti”-sized admission fee.
MARK guests will reach the event via Andes, but the estate’s 2,000 acres also encompass parts of Bovina and Delhi. In addition to the foray into the mansion itself, the event will be held on the magnificent grounds designed by the Olmsted brothers of Central Park fame and the autumn foliage will be a royal show in itself. 
All proceeds from the event benefit the local economic and housing assistance efforts of the MARK Group, whose mission encompasses not only Margaretville and Arkville, but also the townships of Andes, Roxbury and Middletown. Contact The MARK Group at 845 586-3500 for information or to RSVP by September 3. Admission is $75 per person, and is tax-deductible as permitted by law.