Fair(view) story coverage


To The Editor:
Many thanks to Pauline Liu for her enlightening and informative article on the Fairview Library in the March 14 News titled, “Supervisor, Fairview trustees battle over library.” It was a very well-written, well-researched and in-depth report on an embattled, local and vital, institution that means a lot to many people in our community. See Kurt Holcherr’s wonderful Mailbag submission, “Librarian a tough act to follow” for the erstwhile contribution of the Fairview Library to our community.

Our new supervisor, in office only three months, unfortunately appears to have alienated and angered a number of people in the town along with patrons of the library. The “Marge is In Charge” blog is disturbing to read in that a message of authoritarianism is conveyed in an unsettling manner. Read it at margemillersupervisor.blogspot.com and make up your own mind. Perhaps it will not have been modified.

The library board consists of seven good, dedicated, hard-working, unpaid volunteers and it needs to find two more persons to fill out the nine-member board. My wife, Agnes Freas, is one of those hard-working board members. She and other board members have anguished for more than two months over the funding issue and the wrongly claimed oversight authority that the supervisor insists is hers. Nonetheless, there remains hope that two more volunteers can step forward to complete the roster. Step forward if you can volunteer.

Ms. Miller has repeatedly raised the issue of local vs. non-local residents and has, from what I have heard expressed, a desire for only locals to be on the library board. This distinction was expressed at the supervisor candidate’s debate last October and at recent board meetings. This, in my opinion, is divisive, narrow-minded and parochial and the term “local” needs to be stricken from the town board’s lexicon. The vital contributions to our community of those not born in Margaretville, or nearby, are quite significant and cannot be ignored.

Chuck Freas,