Facts no longer matter


To The Editor:
At first, my name mentioned in Gary Caso’s letter gave me the impression that at least one person had read my previous letter.  However, Mr. Caso apparently found my letter just another opportunity to attack my “ilk,” and the straw men that the radical right has created in our unlikeness.  He begins with the Great Right Wing Hallucination that those who control the massive accumulation of wealth somehow earned it by being “smarter and harder working” than mere underlings like myself.  As one who studied economics and the workings of the American economy, I know that the financial/corporate world is most certainly not a meritocracy.  Even in the corporate media that promotes this belief we see in such intellectually lazy yet well-to-do people like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Donald Trump, to name just a few, that there is little correlation between money, intellect or work ethic.   

Mr. Caso goes on to accuse me of wanting to take from the rich that which belongs to them, and casually tosses out the Great Right Wing Hallucination that the rich already pay an “inordinate amount” of the total taxes of this country.  Sorry, Mr. Caso, they most certainly do not.
He alleges that I do not advocate spending cuts.  I do advocate spending cuts in the massively bloated perma-war military budget, but those cuts should be redirected to rebuilding the country that people of Mr. Caso’s ilk turned into a shambles.  Perhaps we might even replace the Tappan Zee Bridge before it falls into the Hudson with a few hundred people on it.  

Mr. Caso engages in the standard feint of equating modestly progressive taxation policies with the economic policies of the Russians and Chinese, after tossing out the usual right wing nonsense about lower taxes always increasing revenue, a falsehood, and proven so by the Bush tax cuts, which, of course were going to “pay for themselves.”

I am old enough, smart enough and educated enough to know that there are people who work harder than myself, and are smarter than myself or, Mr. Caso, slaving in the fields for $4 or $5 an hour or in the unemployment lines, and that the corporatist meritocracy is, on inspection, just another hallucination.

In a flight of fancy, a letter of mine that was reasoned, logical and stated facts and figures to make its case, is called “vituperative,” and “diatribe,” suggesting that perhaps the writer has joined so many others in the radical right in an alternative universe where facts no longer matter and propaganda is considered “information.”

John Cerullo,