Doors of Roxbury project set to open April 25

Roxbury — Whether you are a painter, sculptor or even a welder, area artists are invited to unlock the doors of their creativity with an exciting new public arts project.
Sponsored by the MARK Project and funded in part by the NYSCA Community Arts Funding Program administered in Delaware County by The Roxbury Arts Group, the Doors of Roxbury came to light through the efforts of local artist Herrat Sommerhoff who will be working with another local artist, Nat Thomas, on this re-claim, re-use and recycle group effort.
The Doors of Roxbury project will result in the creation of several “artistically enhanced” doors to be installed in an open air public forum. “Each of the Doors can be the effort of a single artist or collective group of artists” says project director Herrat Sommerhoff. “Doors can be simple or elaborate, painted or decorated three dimensionally, that’s what will make the installation so interesting,” adds Sommerhoff.
Artists who may be interested in participating in the Doors of Roxbury are welcome to attend an informational meeting at 10 a.m. on April 25 at The Roxbury Arts Group. If you are interested but are unable to attend, contact Peg Ellsworth at MARK or 845 586-3500.