Dollar General opens doors in Margaretville

By Julia Green
The much-anticipated Dollar General store officially opened its doors last Wednesday, though the official “Grand Opening” weekend will be held sometime in November. So far, however, despite a notably absent announcement of its opening, business at the new retail location, on lower Main Street next to the post office, has been steady.
“They say it is a goldmine, and that it’s good to finally have another grocery resource in town,” said a substitute manager on Monday. “And people are very surprised that we will be accepting food stamps. It hasn’t been activated in the system yet, but once we pass the requirements, we’ll be accepting food stamps as well.”
Shoppers at the Dollar General can expect everything from food to clothing to pet supplies as well as home organizational accessories. Its staple, according to the substitute manager, is “quick meals.
“You can’t buy steaks, but you can buy TV dinners, frozen dinners, canned goods… everything but the meat supply, I guess,” she said. “Everything but the butcher’s market.”
She added that the store adheres to the chain’s slogan, “Dollar General cares,” and that the target market for the store is lower-income families as well as bargain shoppers of any and all income brackets.
The store’s opening comes just ahead of the holiday shopping wave, for which it is already prepared, with aisles stocked with everything from Halloween candy to Christmas table-toppers. And, as the holiday season draws near, the store will also feature toy specials during November and the first half of December to aid gift-hunters.
In the meantime, shoppers can visit the store’s Web site,, to sign up to receive a $5 coupon to use during the grand opening event next month.
The Dollar General is open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day.