Dollar General event boosts food pantry

By Joe Moskowitz
As a general rule, one should avoid using a credit card with which to buy groceries as you may be paying interest on the purchase for years after you ate it, but Margaretville Dollar General Manager Linda Ballard noticed that people were doing just that, but they weren’t buying the groceries for themselves. They were donating them to the Community Food Pantry in Arkville.

Dollar General, as do some other area stores, collects donations for area food banks. The cupboards aren’t bare, but they aren’t overflowing either and Ballard decided to try and help. She said many of the people who use the food bank are her customers and she felt the store should try and give something back to the community. She contacted her the Dollar General regional manager, who in turn contacted the corporate offices. The company agreed to donate $500 dollars to the cause.

Ballard then set up a raffle to benefit the food pantry. For $5, one can take a chance at winning more than $100 worth of merchandise in the store. And this Saturday, June 29 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. there will be a car wash at the best place to hold one, the Margaretville Car Wash. It will cost $5 and is being co-sponsored by the car wash with proceeds benefiting the food pantry.

Ballard says there are two facts, “Your car is going to get dirty and it will need to be washed. And, kids need to eat.” She says this Saturday you can take care of both needs at the same time.