"Do Look Back" at Orphic open through Dec. 15

Roxbury — The Orphic Gallery is pleased to announce a new exhibit, “Do Look Back” - a group show featuring the work of Jeanne Ellsworth, Robert Cucinotta, Sharon Israel, Greg Frederick, Edward Potokar, Peter Stupar and Allan Tannenbaum, which opened on December 7.
“Do Look Back” opened last Saturday performances by Sharon Israel, Zonder Kennedy and Bruce Martin in a tribute to Lou Reed, and Night Sky - the ethereal sounds of David Rissenberg on piano and on drums the incomparable Michael Suchorsky.

In Greek mythology Orpheus, thanks to his beautiful singing, is permitted by the gods to descend to Hades to retrieve his beloved wife Euridike with the proviso “Don’t look back.” The singer cannot resist the temptation to turn to look at Euridike and so he does with disastrous repercussions for all.

Here at the Orphic Gallery, we cannot resist the temptation of looking back at the amazing array of artworks displayed here in the five shows presented in 2013 so…

The Orphic Gallery is located at the Roxbury Corner Store at the corner of Main and Bridge streets. The exhibit continues through December 15 and will be open to the public during the gallery’s normal business hours, Friday through Sunday, noon to 5 p.m.

For further information on “Do Look Back” or the Orphic Gallery, please contact Phillip Lenihan at 607 326-6045 or phil@orphicgallery.com.