Delaware County's population shrinks

By Jay Braman Jr.
There are 239 fewer people calling Delaware County home.
That’s according to estimates released last week by the Census Bureau, which say that in July 2007 there were 46,324 residents. One year later that number dropped to 46,085.
Nearby Sullivan County suffered almost as great a loss. In the same timeframe Sullivan’s population went from 76,418 to 76,189. That’s 229 less residents.
Greene County lost 61 residents, down from 49,503 to 48,992.
In contrast, Ulster County’s population grew by 77 residents from 181,593 to 181,670.
All of these estimates represent a change of less than one percent. The data released did not include a breakdown to the town and village level.
New York City continues to grow modestly in contrast to many upstate New York areas.
The numbers reflect the related trends of declining manufacturing jobs in the area and people seeking opportunities in the South and the West.
New York State’s population grew by 0.3 percent to 19.5 million, according to the estimates. The state’s modest growth continues to be fueled by New York City, which has grown as its immigrant communities thrive. The larger New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island metropolitan area grew 0.4 percent to 19 million.
Delaware County Economic Development Officials said Monday they are aware of the drop and are using the data as evidence of decline in the county. Along with the county’s Bureau of Watershed Affairs, the Economic Development Department is studying the impact of the City of New York’s $300 million Land Acquisition program. Watershed Officials believe the program to be detrimental to watershed communities.