Delaware County students earn Fedderke scholarships

Delhi — The Ehlermann Fedderke Descendants Foundation was established on December 17, 2008. Since 2010, 44 scholarships for Delaware County students have been awarded: 12 James L. Knak Engineering Scholarships and 32 Ehlermann Fedderke Descendants Foundation Scholarships.

The Ehlermann-Fedderke Descendants are proud to present 2012 James L. Knak Engineering Scholarships to the following students: Jacob Liberatore (RPI); Gary Resti III (RIT); Robert Meyerhoff (Charolette Valley); Sam Meyerhoff (WPI); Marlana Hinkley (Cornell); Christopher Donnelly (RIT); and Ehlermann Fedderke Descendants Foundation Scholarships to Nicolette Alberti (Stamford); Kyla Roche (Keuka); Benjamin Bradshaw (Stamford); Phillip Hanley (Wilkes University); Olivia Todd (Hobart & William Smith); Benjamin Donnelly (Ithaca); Katie Goss (Charlotte Valley); and Collin Schick (Walton).

Anyone interested in being considered for a scholarship next year, is to apply. Your counselor or principal can provide you with an application, or you could make a request to Bryan Boyer, Delaware National Bank of Delhi, NY 13753. This includes adults wishing to pursue a career in higher education. Also, current winners can reapply for a following year. All applications properly submitted will be considered. Deadlines will be followed.

The Ehlermann-Fedderke Descendants are committed to doing their part to help students of Delaware County become highly educated workers and leaders which includes Community College that could lead to a university major or choosing a course leading to a job.