Delameter earns GOP backing in Supervisor's race

By Joe Moskowitz
Arkville resident Nelson Delameter has been officially endorsed by the Town of Middletown Republican Committee as its candidate for the office of town supervisor.

The endorsement is unusual because Delameter is a registered Democrat and will challenge incumbent Supervisor Marge Miller in the September Democratic Primary.

GOP Committee Chairman Chuck Freas says the committee took this “extraordinary step” because of questions about how Miller has performed in office, particularly in light of what he called her, “unauthorized modification of the sewer law.”

Freas says Delameter met with committee members last Wednesday night. He answered a few questions and was then asked to leave the room. A few minutes later, the GOP gave Delameter its endorsement.

One of the issues the committee discussed was Delameter’s party affiliation. He is not new to the Republicans. Many years ago he was a Democrat, but for most of his adult life he was a registered Republican. However, five years ago he took a job with the State of New York, working for Homeland Security and Emergency Services. Freas says Delamater told the committee that one of his supervisors told him that if he wanted to have a chance at being promoted, it would be in his best interest to become a registered Democrat. New York’s Governor, then and now, is a Democrat.
Freas says the committee had no problem with that. He acknowledges that Delameter has no experience as a town supervisor, but he feels that if elected, he will learn quickly. And he says Delameter has extensive administrative experience.

In addition to the primary battle for the Democratic line on the ballot, Miller and Delameter will each be on the November ballot as Independents. Delamater is also seeking the Tea Party nod to go along with the GOP endorsement.