Deer rescued after fall into lake

By Brian Sweeney
Four deer were rescued from the icy waters of Lake Wawaka in Halcottsville Sunday afternoon. The deer were spotted stranded in the lake shortly after 4 p.m. on Sunday. Forest Ranger Joe Bink was among the first rescue workers on the scene. He was soon joined by Halcottsville Fire Chief Jeff Slauson and HFD member Anthony Camillone who donned wetsuits and went into the lake to assist the deer.
Chief Slauson said that one deer was able to escape from the lake and make it to shore without assistance. The rescuers were able to grab hold of the next deer and lift it safely onto the ice.
The HFD chief said the next deer was in deeper water and a rescue noose was necessary to secure the animal and lead it to safety.
The final deer tried to elude its captors and was eventually chased into a marshy area where it was able to eventually reach dry land.
Chief Slauson said about half-a-dozen members of his department assisted with the rescue mission. The call took about an hour.
He noted that the deer were exhausted from their struggle to escape the icy waters and spent about a half-hour just standing alongside the lake warming up after the event. Chief Slauson said that all of the deer fell into the lake at the same spot.