Dec. 30, 2009: Recognize garbage when you read it


To The Editor:
In response to Stuart E. Buswell’s letter in the December 23 issue, I would like to submit that the scientific fact of Global Warming, and of humanity’s exacerbation thereof is not a political issue, but a scientific one. I seriously doubt that the scientists who worked diligently to determine that mankind is threatening its own extinction expected to become involved in what has become a political and media circus. There are some very telling parallels to the “debate” a generation ago over whether or not cigarettes caused lung cancer. In fact, one of the early “scientists” paraded out by the radical right in its attack on global warming had been a part of the tobacco industry’s obfuscation in that ridiculous battle. Of course, in the late ’60s the radical right didn’t have at its disposal an entire cadre of media stooges and pseudo-journalists to promote disinformation as they do today. Neither was there an army of corporate stooge media to help further their cause. Al Gore, who has worked tirelessly to inform the American public of the very real dangers that we face has been branded an “Enemy of the People” by the radical right and its goose-stepping media.
The only deception involved in the Global Warming “debate” is the systematic campaign of disinformation and outright lies being spread by the radical right and its operatives, along with a good dose of oil company funding.
Those of us who have lived through the “swiftboating” of John Kerry, the criminal theft of five Jr. seats in Congress by Tom Delay, the unending foaming-at-the-mouth hatespeak of the likes of Limbaugh, et al, should by now know enough to recognize garbage when it’s fed to us by these parasites on our society.
America’s addiction to the continuous fixes of foreign oil threatens our national security. When President Carter challenged America to freeze oil imports, America turned to Reagan and “let’s party.” The result has been no more government regulation of efficiency in motor vehicles, and a national vehicle fleet that gets no better gas mileage than 20 years ago. Now, we know, (and we do know) that our ridiculous level of use of fossil fuels is a threat to our species. With luck, Americans will wake up and again lead the world in addressing a grave threat to humanity. Hopefully, the only extinction over this “issue” will be the fanaticism of the radical right.

John E. Cerullo,