Dec. 3, 2008: Logical sense to funding opposition


To The Editor:
Despite Crossroads Ven-tures’ PR claims, there is no contradiction in being a strong supporter of Belleayre Mt. Ski Center as well as a fervent opponent of the proposed development.
In fact, it makes logical sense since Belleayre Mt. Ski Center would not stay a family friendly, affordable ski slope once the land speculators got through with it. We can see the result of private interests leading government institutions by the nose over the last eight years in the collapse of the U.S. banking and investment industries.
Aside from the risk of letting private investors direct public policy in principle, this proposed development, in its particulars, makes no economic or development sense. The U.S. economy is headed for a severe recession. Is it wise to invest precious taxpayer dollars in a $400/night spa?
The Highmount Spa Resort proposed for the top of Highmount Ridge would consist of 240 high-end mixed lodging units including a 120-room underground spa, 60 apartments and 60 three-bedroom houses in 52 buildings. When asked how many acres this would occupy, Crossroads representatives plead ignorance but it’s clear that the 52+ three-bedroom houses would be on less than one-acre lots. Of course, these are timeshares with a whole new crop of owners arriving each week so zoning regs don’t apply.
High-density development doesn’t belong on mountaintops but it sure does attract attention and that’s what Crossroads is after, the publicity an eagle’s nest retreat would bring and they have the chutzpah to expect the public to pay for it.
A glance across Route 28 at the empty Owl’s Nest should give a hint of what the future holds for this turkey.

Matt Frisch,