Dec. 24, 2008: Group seeks a sensible compromise


To The Editor:
In last week’s letter the Public Relations Guru for Crossroads Ventures writes to explain to us that their corporation is not looking for a bailout from the State of New York. Most of the opponents of the project have never thought that Crossroads is seeking a bailout from NYS, Ulster County or Delaware County, but rather a “hand-out” from these political entities!
There is only a short distance from diligent and truthful public relations and downright prevarication. For instance the letter states that “we will then be required to invest several hundred million dollars of our investors’ dollars to build a new resort.” From the onset, Crossroads has publicly stated that they are only undertaking the regulatory process and when the project is “shovel-ready” it will be sold to a corporation to build and operate.
Also the Public Relations Guru states, “With every improvement on the properties we own, the taxes go up immediately.” This is a very interesting statement considering that they have had discussions with Ulster County IDA, Delaware County IDA and Ulster County Development Corporation. These agencies are structured to aid developers with tax abatements and other financial incentives for up to 13 years. Crossroads will rebut that they have no contracts in place with any of these agencies. I concede that there are no contracts in place, but the project is not to a point where these contracts could even be considered.
Let us not forget that last January Crossroads tried to bully the then newly elected Town of Shandaken Board into applying for a New York State Empire Zone designation that would have affected only the Crossroads Project. Fortun-ately the board could not be hoodwinked by the presenters. Currently our state governor has decided to scrutinize these “good ole boy” giveaway programs as a means of cutting wasteful spending.
This is interesting too, “In the meantime, taxpayers can be sure that all of the federal, state, NYC, county and local agencies charged with regulating us will be diligent in their responsibilities.” In case this Guru doesn’t realize it, the taxpayers are the people who pay taxes to fund this oversight!
I cannot close without a “two thumbs down” to the president and chairman of Partners for Profit, oops, I mean Progress! In his letter to the editor he refers to the CHA’s chairman by name. This was rude, crude and ill-mannered by an individual of his stature. A head of any organization speaks on behalf of their organization at the membership’s behest. This was an organizational communiqué and the criticism should have been levied at the organization not the chairman. Shame on the Partners’ chairperson!
As a member of CHA I state for the record that we are not opposed to economic development nor are we opposed to a sensible compromise of the Crossroads Project.

Jerry A. Fairbairn,
Millbrook Road,