Dec. 10, 2008: Correction


To The Editor:
There is an error in the letter in your printed version of my letter in last week’s paper. Check the first and second sentence of the first paragraph.
    It read; I have lived in Andes for 22 plus years and have served as President of the Catskill Forest Association (CFA) for eight years with 12 on their board, the President of the Catskill Landowners Association (CLA) and remain as treasurer continuing my tenure on the board since it was founded in 1993. My comments here are only my own and not that of either organization.
    As you have it CLA is not mentioned and it appears that I continue on the CFA board and am their treasurer and that CFA was founded in 1993. Not so.
    I hope this can be corrected in your next issue.

Jack McShane,