CWC offers flood assistance funds

Margaretville — Businesses in the Catskill-Delaware Watershed that sustained structural damage to their buildings as a result of flooding from tropical storms Irene and Lee may receive assistance from a new program approved by the board of directors of the Catskill Watershed Corporation on September 13.

The board also approved establishment of a separate recovery fund using money that can be donated by outside entities. The rules for this fund have not yet been finalized, but grants would be available for both businesses and nonprofit organizations and institutions.

The new, $5 million CFF program will provide a maximum of $30,000 to businesses for labor and materials needed to repair walls, floors, foundations, windows and fixed improvements damaged in the storms of August 28 and September 9.

The business portions of home-based companies are eligible for repair grants, but residences are not. Inventory losses, income loss, or expenses covered by insurance or other grants are not reimbursable.
For more information, go to, or call toll-free 877 928-7433; or 586-1400.