CWC meeting highlights accomplishments

Margaretville — Hundreds of homeowners, schoolchildren, municipal governments and business people in the Catskill region benefited from assistance, money and information supplied by the Catskill Watershed Corporation (CWC) in 2008.
Details of the CWC’s many programs, which protect water quality and promote the economy in the five-county New York City Watershed West of the Hudson River, were presented at the12th Annual Meeting of member towns on April 28 in Margaretville.
Donald (Mike) Brandow, supervisor of the Town of Conesville, joined the CWC Board of Directors, replacing long-time Schoharie County representative Charlie Buck of Jefferson. Berndt Leifeld, Town of Olive Supervisor, was re-elected as one of two Ulster County representatives on the Board.
Highlights of 2008 included: The repair, replacement and maintenance of 356 residential septic systems in the five-county West-of-Hudson New York City Watershed; distribution of  low-interest loans totaling $2,015,623 to 23 businesses in watershed towns; the expenditure of more than $9 million to plan and develop seven community wastewater projects for Watershed hamlets; completion of 20 storm water control projects; the award of 12 stream corridor management grants to protect properties in flood prone areas; dissemination of $135,000 in grants to 27 schools and organizations in the watershed and in New York City to enhance watershed education and the approval of four Local Technical Assistance grants which will help seven communities prepare comprehensive plans and other assessments.
The CWC Board of Directors oversaw several special projects in 2008, including renovation of the Delaware Inn in Stamford under the Business District and Historic Structures Fund; an exploratory project to determine the value of grass pellets as a fuel source under the Catskills Studies Fund; and a new website to promote the tourism and business potential of the Catskills region, which will be launched this summer.