CWC authorizes study funds for three watershed projects, increases Boiceville grant

Margaretville — The Catskill Watershed Corporation Board of Directors on Nov. 4 approved contracts for the study phase of three proposed community wastewater management projects.
The hamlets of Trout Creek and South Kortright in Delaware County, and Lexington in Greene County, are in line for the projects because they are named in the 1997 New York City Watershed Memorandum of Agreement on a list of 22 communities needing wastewater solutions. Wastewater treatment plants, community septic systems and other solutions have already been provided or are in the planning stages for 14 of the 22 hamlets.
The CWC’s Community Wastewater Management Program (CWMP) will fund the study and construction work in the next three hamlets.
Individual studies for all three will be conducted by Lamont Engineers for a total of $461,528. This phase includes four public information meetings in each community, coordination of GIS mapping and geotechnical testing, and evaluation of alternative solutions and service areas. Alternative approaches may include maintenance districts for individual on-site septic systems, clustered and/or community leach fields, or surface-water discharge wastewater treatment plants.
Residents and businesses will be surveyed, maps will be prepared and cost estimates developed as part of the study phase, which will provide the respective town boards with the information required to review the preferred alternative, or to choose not to go forward with any CWC-funded project. Municipalities may opt out at any point prior to the start of construction, which is anticipated to begin in 2011 if no objections are raised.
Meanwhile, the CWC Board on Nov. 4 amended the previously approved CWMP construction block grant for the Boiceville wastewater treatment plant and collection system. The amendment added $2.2 million to the original grant of $10,078,000 because bids for the Ulster County project came in higher than anticipated more than two years after it was first designed.
The job is expected to be awarded at an upcoming meeting of the Olive Town Board, and construction is anticipated in the spring of 2009.
For more information on CWC programs to assist residents and businesses in the New York City Watershed, call 845 586-1400, or go to