CVS opening targeted for May

By Brian Sweeney
The rebuilt and reconfigured CVS Pharmacy in Margaretville is expected to be open by May.
Dan Katz, vice president PSK Supermarkets, which owns the shopping plaza, told the News this week that he anticipates that the new store will be open in several months.

“We are trying to get the construction finished as quickly as we can and CVS would like to open in the spring (around May),” Mr. Katz stated.
He said that the new store will have a footprint of 4,500 square feet with a 1,500-square-foot mezzanine.

“The 1,500 feet upstairs will allow them a bigger store on the main level because the storage will be upstairs, Mr. Katz explained.
Flooding on August 28, 2011 devastated the CVS store. The building was razed the day after the flood due to safety concerns.

PSK Supermarkets also owns the adjacent Freshtown Marketplace. The company’s initial priority after the flood was getting the flood-ravaged grocery store reopened. After overcoming a number of permitting and insurance obstacles, the supermarket was virtually gutted and rebuilt. The store reopened in late May.

Project delays
Construction of the adjoining pharmacy building got underway last summer. The project was put on hold shortly after the foundation work was started as some additional municipal approval issues had to be addressed.

The project resumed in November and has been progressing, despite a cold snap during the past month. The front of the building is now enclosed with plastic to allow interior heating, ensuring proper curing of concrete.

Within a few days after the flood, CVS set up a temporary store in the Commons Building on Main Street and has continued to operate from that location.