Court is essential to freedom


To The Editor,
On November 6, the position of Delaware County Judge will be up for election. This is to call attention to facts which voters should be aware of when making their decision.

The suggestion of eminent domain as a hammer to solve a property dispute does not serve justice. Basic to administering justice is respect for the due process of law and a sense of commitment to fulfill whatever obligations that respect requires. Preconceived notions about a case, effort to help the cause of one party, and the advocating for expediency at the expense of justice have no place in the judicial system. A judge’s respect for the relative creditability of individuals versus agencies and municipalities, and equal respect for representatives of both parties is essential for a fair hearing.

You have the opportunity to review the court documents of a case to form your own opinion about the current administration of justice. In 2006, a village filed a lawsuit against a landowner, claiming ownership of disputed property and an easement for access to that property based on existing deeds. Case 2006-65 was heard by Judge C. Becker on October 10, 2006 and his decision was issued February 8, 2007. The transcript of the one-hour hearing and the decision, with separate comments by the landowner, will be available at all public libraries in Delaware County which wish to make the documents available for public inspection.

Your and your neighbors’ expectation of justice, when you vote on November 6, are what will determine the nature of justice in the Delaware County Court for the next 10 years.

Please take this opportunity to be more informed about a subject which is essential to our freedom but seldom discussed.

Lauren Davis,