County takes no stance on Fleischmanns bridge

By Jay Braman Jr.
Fleschmanns Mayor Todd Pascarella continues to battle Delaware County government over bridge problems in the center of the village.

Pascarella said Tuesday that he made his case to the Public Works Committee of the Delaware County Board of Supervisors, and while it appears they are prepared to leave Bridge Street in the center of the village without, well, a bridge, at least there is not yet an official decision.

The span was badly damaged in august 2011 during tropical storm Irene and later removed by the county. Even though FEMA has given funds to replace the bridge, the county has decided to take those funds and use them elsewhere.

Pascarella said that he is not sure if the county is aware that, during these cash strapped times, they will be losing some of those funds as a result of their hasty decision.

“When you use those funds for alternative projects, and you don’t do the project the money was allocated for, they (FEMA) only give a percentage of the money,” Pascarella said.

Outcry ignored
The county has so far ignored public outcry on the matter, having been presented last month with a petition carrying over 1,000 signatures that demands the bridge be replaced.

According to public works officials on Tuesday, no decision has yet been made in the matter. While there is a strong chance that the county will indeed decide to not replace the Bridge Street bridge, the public works department is still accumulating information on the subject.
A decision is expected in about two months.