County approvals sale at July acutions


By Cheryl Petersen
The Delaware County Board of Supervisors approved at its meeting last Wednesday the sale of over 75 tax-acquired properties, sold at a recent auction.
“It was the toughest auction sale I’ve ever attended,” said Hamden Supervisor Wayne Marshfield. “The bids were low and the operation was laborious, but a few of the properties went well.”
Board Chairman, Jim Eisel appointed Walton Supervisor Bruce Dolph as chair of the Finance Committee, saying, “Supervisor Martin Donnelly has graciously resigned from the Finance Committee chair position and therefore Mr. Dolph, also the budget director, has been appointed to the committee chair position.”

Appointments made
Chairman Eisel also filled vacancies on the Committee Services Board, saying, “Dr. Sally George, from Delhi, James Francisco, from Walton, and Ellen Stewart, from Roxbury, have been appointed to the CSB.”
The Delaware County Department of Emergency Services (DCDES) pushes forward to rehabilitate its out-of-date communications infrastructure. “We’ve accumulated over $5 million through grant funding,” said Rich Bell, director of Emergency Services. “We continue to write grants.” As money is being collected, the path to utilize those funds is being cleared. Therefore at the July 24 meeting, the board of supervisors approved to exempt and immune the DCDES from any local land use and subdivision laws for the project.

Project scope
“The department will need land on which to construct new towers and buildings, and this resolution exempts the department from town restrictions,” said Rich. “New electronics are also being added, including upgrading the system with new microwave tower interconnect frequencies. The improvements will meet the Federal Communications Commission requirements.” The project serves law enforcement, the fire, emergency, medical services, and municipal departments. The projected finish date is year 2016.

Grant application
Authorization was granted to the Board of Supervisor Chairman and the Director of the Economic Development to submit an application for a block grant to assist a potential business with the capacity to create up to 300 new jobs in the Town of Hancock, once the business is fully operational.
“The business is a call center operation,” said Glenn Nealis, director of Delaware County Economic Development. “The Qualfon Company has an overseas location and is looking for a presence in the United States. The grant money would help offset their cost, however Qualfon is also considering a location in Texas.”