Contest deserved better promotion


To The Editor:
Last week my company, Titan Drilling Corp., ran a contest based on the winter storm named Titan, that was suppose to hit us, but ended up going south.
The gist of the contest was that we would donate $100 per inch of snow received from storm Titan with a minimum of $1,000, to the NYS-based charity that we received the email votes on from the public.
To spread the word of the contest we contacted three media sources, WRIP 97.9 Radio station out of Windham, the Catskill Mountain News and WIOX Radio station out of Roxbury.
WRIP 97.9 out of Windham was excited about the contest and started announcing to its listeners the next day. The Catskill Mountain News, although hesitant, sent a member of their staff to our office to get the information on the contest to put an article in last week’s paper to let the people know that all you had to do was email us and vote for your favorite NYS based charity.
When last week’s paper came out, surprise, there was not an article about the contest. Perhaps if I had purchased an ad it would have made the paper, but we will never know. When we saw there was no article we contacted the paper and they said oops it must have fallen through the cracks. WIOX stated they are a not-for-profit organization and it wasn’t their “thing” and refused to address the contest.
So on Friday March 7 we announced the winner of our contest. It was The Feathered and Furry Wildlife Center located in Hunter. The only area the public was notified about the contest. We are very excited for them and we know that the money will be used to help rehabilitate injured animals and that is awesome.
I just feel that it is a shame that our Margaretville, Roxbury, Fleischmanns, etc. local charities did not have the same chance that our Greene County charities had due to lack of media given to local people. I do have to say we did get votes from our immediate area thanks to my secretary putting it on her Facebook page, maybe Facebook is a better way to get information out than our local media like the Catskill Mountain News and WIOX Radio.
In closing, I just wish to congratulate our winners and promise to our immediate local charities, if we do something similar in the future, we will find a different method of informing you. Thanks everyone for you votes. 
I am hoping this doesn’t “slip through the cracks.”

Ted Johnson, Vice President, Titan Drilling Corp., Arkville