CMN on-line poll reveals a far-flung readership

by Trish Adams

Despite having more than a dozen choices in our "Where Do You Call Home" on-line poll, a considerable 13 per cent of the Catskill Mountain News' readership eluded our demographic radar and had to respond "Other." With more than 300 votes, the results are in, and it appears CMN readers are all over the map.

In fact, less than a quarter — 21 percent — identified their home as Margaretville, New Kingston or Andes; something of a surprise, as Margaretville-Arkville could be considered the News' "home base." This pollster suspects that, despite efforts to remember to list every Middletown village by name, the elusive "Others" may include a portion of disgruntled Arkvillians, slighted at being lumped with Margaretville, once again.

Another slight surprise is that New York City (5%) lost by a narrow margin to New Jersey (6%) and Long Island (7%) as the largest share of second homeowner readers. As a former local restaurateur, I can attest to the popularity and loyalty to the area held by Long Islanders, the point of origin for many of our multi-generational transplants. Despite a four-hour commute for most Long Islanders, they love the Catskills and come up in all weathers. To them I say: "Take the Ferry, and Avoid the LIE!"

We even claimed a measurable readership in places you might not suspect, including the more westerly villages of the county like Walton (6%); and Kingston-Woodstock and other Ulster County villages outside our coverage area (3%).

Less surprising is the eight percent of our readers now living in Florida: having the News on-line is a great way for retirees to stay connected with hometown friends and events. I have posted a graphic of the final poll numbers for you here, and if you were "Other," I'd love to hear where you call home: you can email me at

Look for a new on-line poll on our home page very shortly!