CMCC hosts weekly Bluegrass event

By Joe Moskowitz
If it’s Wednesday, it’s Blue Grass Mountain Day, or evening, at the Catskill Mountain Christian Center in Margaretville.

Although the performances are held at a church and people attend on a regular basis, it is not a religious experience. There is no sermon. No effort to get people to join the church.
Pastor Bob Engelhardt says he doesn’t recognize most of the people. It’s a big crowd and most don’t go to his church, but he says that doesn’t matter. He started holding the event last summer because he thought it was something the community needed to help pick itself up after Hurricane Irene.
And the price is right. It’s free, although donations are accepted and several local businesses chipped in. Coldwell Banker, MTC, NBT, Freshtown, The Sluiter Agency, and The Village Homemaker are among the donors.

New Kingston resident Fred Margulies is among the regular attendees. He says he and his wife, Teddy go every Wednesday. He calls it a much-needed contribution to the community.
Artie Martello is a retired educator. He is also a magician. He loves musicians and he says it’s a great opportunity for the community. He also loves the band that was playing last Wednesday, ”the Catskill Mountain Boys.”

Pastor Engelhardt says he picked Bluegrass music because it is liked by so many people and is “PG” rated.

He and the people who attend like to use the word “community.” He says it reminds him of a Norman Rockwell painting. It isn’t difficult to see that image. People young and old, and somewhere in between, gathering in front of a gazebo on a small town summer night. Bring a lawn chair or dancing shoes.