Chamber of Commerce has new Main Street home


By Brian Sweeney
The Central Catskills Chamber of Commerce opened for business on Monday in a new location at 806 Main Street, Margaretville.

Executive Director Carol O’Beirne said that moving the office was necessitated by the sale of the eCenter building a short distance down Main Street. The chamber office had been housed in the eCenter for about 15 months.
Mrs. O’Beirne was still busy arranging the office early this week, but said she’s looking forward to getting settled into the new space (adjacent to the Cheese Barrel). She was expecting telephone and Internet to be in place by Tuesday.
“I think people are kind of excited that we are here. Filling up these storefronts is really important,” she noted.
The chamber’s new office was previously occupied by an antique store that was open very infrequently.
The chamber director said the new location will include a meeting room and office space. She also plans to set up rotating displays in which members can promote their business activities.
Mrs. O’Beirne said that Chamber Board of Directors President Glen Pedersen is retiring from his position selling underwriting for WIOX Radio in Roxbury and will be dedicating more of his time to chamber activities, including a membership drive.
“We’ll do what we were doing before. We’ve got lots of stuff going on…it’s just a different place,” she commented.
She said that a grand opening will be planned at the new chamber office.
In addition to its mission of promoting business, tourism and outdoor recreation opportunities, the chamber also serves as the business administrator for the Catskill Scenic Byway project. Once the byway project receives final approval, the chamber will be assisting with the implementation of a marketing strategy for the project.
Mrs. O’Beirne said the chamber is also establishing a “satellite” relationship with the planned Catskill Interpretive Center in Mt. Tremper. She indicated that the chamber will work in conjunction with the center to promote recreational opportunities in the Delaware County area.