Catskill Center appoints Alan White executive director

Arkville — The Board of Directors of The Catskill Center for Conservation and Development (CCCD) announced Monday the appointment of Alan White of Halcott Center as executive director.
H. Claude Shostal, president of the board, stated, “Alan was selected because of his extensive executive experience working for nonprofit organizations in the Catskill region, his deep commitment to the Catskills and his understanding of the issues currently being faced by the residents of the area.  We feel extremely fortunate that someone of Alan’s unique background and stature will be taking over the leadership of our organization,” stated Shostal.
White, currently Catskill Mountain Director for The Nature Conservancy was also employed by Sullivan County Cornell Cooperative Extension and the Watershed Agricultural Council. He currently serves as a Town of Halcott Board member and is a member of the Catskill Landowner Association Board of Directors.
“I have enjoyed working and living in the Catskills and have great respect for the role the Catskill Center has played in the region. As executive director I now have the opportunity to influence the future of the region and continue the Catskill Center’s role as a regional advocate,” stated White.