Careful what you ask for


To The Editor:
I read Kurt Holcherr’s letter in the April 4 issue of the Catskill Mountain News with complete disbelief. 

It never ceases to amaze me that some people’s memories are so short.  Mr. Holcherr has obviously forgotten events like the BP Gulf oil disaster and has been ignorant of fracking problems that were made public in the film “Gasland.”  He has probably never had problems with well water, nor is he aware of spills related to pipelines such as occurred last year on the Yellowstone River.
He is also unaware of the fact that the Excel pipeline will carry a slurry of water mixed with the tar sands and numerous poisonous elements such as mercury and benzene, along with unknown fracking chemicals. 

When it gets to the Gulf to be refined, where will all this waste be dumped after the oil is removed? Will it be stored in lagoons as is done at fracking sites or just dumped into the Gulf? If there is a pipeline break, this poison will taint environmentally sensitive areas for decades. The pipeline will also be a tempting target for terrorists.

And, if you think we will be the recipients of all the oil produced, think again. It will be sold to the highest bidder to further enrich the oil bandits. Disasters happen all the time, but are not easily remediated; the Gulf will suffer for many years as a result of the BP oilrig blowout.

Once an accident happens we will never be able to return an area to its previous pristine condition. Beware what you ask for…you may get it!
Mark Lukin,