Canine companions may help kids learn reading

The assertion is that children can become better readers by reading to a dog. Dogs don’t correct and they don’t criticize; they simply listen. As a result of the one-on-one interaction, a child’s reading skills improve and self-esteem grows.
A dog’s presence in the library creates a non-threatening environment that can help children gain confidence in their reading skills. If kids who don’t read well can relax enough to focus on learning, hopefully their reading will improve and they’ll want to continue to read just for the fun of it.
Children ages three through elementary school age are welcome to come and share their favorite book with Buddy.
Beverly Travis will be at the Fairview Public Library with her Leonberger dog, Buddy, on Saturday, May 3 and Saturday, June 7 at 11 a.m. Preschool children must have a parent present.
Call the Fairview Library at 586-3791 to reserve a time slot.