Can anyone disregard the law?


To the Editor:
The juxtaposition of two gun-related Catskill Mountain News articles on February 12 was shocking. The first article chronicled yet another incident of gun violence that ended with the death of a DEP worker, senselessly murdered at his workplace in Kingston. We have become accustom to these deaths, whether they are domestic violence, workplace related or just given that someone thinks that another human being can be killed because they are playing music too loud or texting in a movie theater.
The other article, written and highly editorialized by Cheryl Peterson, recounted a Delhi meeting of people bent on the repeal of the NY SAFE Act that requires the registration of assault weapons. Many openly suggested violating the law, which was overwhelmingly passed by the New York State Legislature. People are entitled to their own views about the requirement to register assault weapons and whether there are any valid reasons to own such death machines.
What struck me most was that three of our local legislators were there supporting such flagrant anarchy. Rep. Chris Gibson, apparently pandering for votes in an upcoming election, was quoted as saying that he voted against the legislation, which is odd, since he is a member of the US Congress, not the NYS Legislature.
NYS Assemblyman Peter Lopez supports the lawlessness by saying it is time to take “Our America” back. Even more disturbing is the quote from our State Senator James Seward who says that there is no financial penalty for committing the misdemeanor of violating NYS Law. Is he saying that anyone can disregard any law with which they disagree? With legislators like that in power, it is no wonder that over 30,000 Americans are killed in gun violence annually.

Mona Lee Sheehan, Margaretville