Campaign of change


To The Editor:
I want to recognize the more than 100 voters in the Town of Middletown who accepted my platform of positive change for the United State’s Justice System. The message of my campaign for town justice must live on; simply, we are bankrupting our country while exploiting those citizens with the smallest voice.
We need to save the hundreds of billions of dollars and the thousands of lives that we are wasting yearly in our prison system. This money should be put to a move vital use improving our economy and educational system. It is here where our future lies. Our welfare is directly related to creating new technology and acquiring the knowledge to use it. Our society receives no benefit from jails full of people that need treatment more than they need punishment.
To the critics of my message who spelled out a litany of fear and ignorance I say, “Hold on tight.” Your belief in the invincibility of the Titanic is noteworthy. Hopefully some of you will come around to understand how important it is to get America going in the right direction.

Warren Slavin,