Buy some gas and get your car fixed: Beers is in business in Arkville

By Joe Moskowitz
The Hamlet of Arkville now has something that used to be commonplace, but now is a rarity in America. You can buy gas and get your car fixed in the same place.
On Monday, Jim Beers opened Beers’ Auto in the building attached to the Arkville Country Store on Route 28.
Beers had been in business in Fleischmanns for about four years, but completed the move to Arkville this week.
The move was only about three miles, but Beers said he likes the new location. It’s a little closer to his primary supplier, Sanford Auto Parts and, it’s in his hometown. He said he always used to come to the shop when he was a kid and went on to say that the location is within walking distance for many of his customers. Customers who have to wait for repairs can go next door and get something to eat or play Lotto, rather than just sit in a garage doing nothing while their car or truck is being serviced. He also likes the idea of being next to a place that has gas pumps. He said people who are filling up might decide to stop in and see if they can get some quick work done, or schedule a more involved repair.

Ready for business
Now that Beers’ Auto is open, the entire building is being used for the first time in about 10 years.
Jay Renner, a Bovina businessman, opened the country store portion about six months ago. He said he was attracted by the location with plenty of traffic on Route 28 and it is across the street from the Delaware and Ulster Railroad.
 Renner said the country store offers everything one would expect from a convenience store, but with, in his words “far better food.”