Business Association forming for Roxbury and Grand Gorge

Roxbury-Grand Gorge — A group of Roxbury and Grand Gorge businesses have come together to promote existing business in their villages and to encourage the development of new business in both of the hamlets.

The Roxbury-Grand Gorge Business Association encourages both storefront as well as home-based businesses to join the group. Jill Ribich of Catskill Images commented, “I own three home-based businesses in Roxbury, but without a storefront it is difficult for local people to even know that I exist. This is true of a lot of people who do web-design, business consulting and even construction whose main office is in their home. Being able to promote ourselves to other business owners is a huge plus.”

Networking is a major part of the plan. Dave Martin gives this example, “If one restaurant has a freezer failure, he can call on other businesses in the area who might either have a freezer on hand, or be able to store frozen food products so they don’t go to waste. Just knowing who you can call would be a huge help.”

By joining forces, the members hope to apply for grant money to improve the appearance of their town and encourage new business to locate there.

“I am very excited about the efforts of this group,” says Lauren Quarltere. “By encouraging a connection between Roxbury and Grand Gorge, both villages will benefit.”

Paul Barchitta, the new owner of the Hitching Post restaurant in Grand Gorge has offered to host the first business mixer for the association and will provide refreshments. The mixer will be held on Tuesday, July 10 at 7 p.m. at his restaurant on Route 23 in Grand Gorge. All business owners in the Town of Roxbury are invited to attend. Please RSVP to Lauren Quarltere at 607 326-4282.