Burglars cut hole in store roof


By Joe Moskowitz
State police already have their hands full trying to track down whoever is responsible for series of burglaries in Margaretville, but now they are looking for someone who has taken a bold, different approach, going through the roof.

Sometime in the early hours of Sunday morning, someone, or some people cut through the roof of the Margaretville Country Store. Sergeant Andy Leahy of the Margaretville barracks of the New York State Police says the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) won’t say what was stolen because they are hoping that information will lead them to the suspect or suspects.

Sergeant Leahy says breaking in by cutting through the roof is unusual and does not fit the pattern of a recent wave of break-ins that have plagued the village in recent weeks, but he says he can’t rule out the possibility that it is the same person or persons.

He says troopers and BCI investigators do have a number of leads, but thus far have no one in custody.
In a recent interview with the Catskill Mountain News, Delaware County Sheriff Thomas Mills linked nearly all of the crime in the county to drugs. Sergeant Leahy says getting the money to pay for an addiction is very often a contributing factor.

The manager of the Margaretville Country store says she is not allowed to comment. Verona Oil of Roscoe owns the convenience store.