Bovina board asked to revisit its residential wind turbine ban

By Cheryl Petersen
The hard winter escalated the problem of plowing snow on county Route 6 through Bovina Center this year, initiating a response by the town board. A change order was reviewed concerning the Bovina bridge project. And, residents asked the board to revisit the ban on wind turbines in the town, all at the town board’s meeting last week.
Bovina local, Corneel Verlaan, spoke in regard to the 2007 ban on wind turbines, saying, “I understand wind turbines create concerns about erosion, decline in aesthetics, and problems with sales to third parties. Industrial turbines would only benefit the property owner where the turbine is placed while the energy goes to New York City. But seven years have lapsed since that ban and with the changed emphasis on natural gas and oil, and the improved developments on wind turbines, I wonder if the ban is preventing individuals from receiving benefits. A residential wind turbine could afford local farms, sugarhouses, and mills to produce their own energy, sell back to the grid, or serve as a backup when the primary energy source is down. I respectfully request the board to revisit the ban and allow residents the opportunity to cooperate and express self-sufficiency.”
Supervisor Tina Molé asked the audience if anyone has an interest in installing a residential wind turbine and three Bovina residents spoke up in the affirmative. In due time, the board will add to the agenda discussion on revisiting the wind turbine ban.
Attorney Kevin Young, from Young, Sommer was appointed town attorney for the remainder of 2014. A correction was made as to Gary Robson’s appointment to the Board of Assessment and Review, his tenure is from February 11 until September 30, 2015. Pat Miele was appointed to Zoning Board of Appeals effective March 12 and term ending December 31, 2018.

County Route 6 issues
Correspondence from Delaware County Commissioner of Public Works, Wayne Reynolds, directed attention to the limited parking along county Route 6 through Bovina Center. Dangerous and difficult situations are generated during heavy snowfall. The snow plows can’t get through therefore a suggestion was made for all residents to park their vehicles on the opposite side of the road.
Councilman Mark Rossley investigated the matter by speaking with Reynolds and local residents. “Mr. Reynolds isn’t asking for the town to make a law concerning parking, but find a suitable solution for everyone involved. So I spoke with a couple of residents. One was against parking on the other side of the road because if the car got hit they feel they’d be liable, whereas they shovel and clear a space in front of their house. The other resident was fine with parking on the other side of the road. But to have cars parked on both sides of the road is creating problems.”
After discussion, the council decided to send a letter to pertinent addresses before winter next year to remind car owners to find safe places to park their vehicles during the snow season. No special signs or local laws will be established. Delaware County has the right to tow vehicles parked illegally or unsafely, but with everyone working together the best solution for a tricky problem can be achieved.