BOCES, Margaretville Hospital team for health care

Margaretville —The Northern Catskills Occu-pational Center in Grand Gorge and staff at Margaretville Hospital are again teaming up for an innovative program that gives students a firsthand glimpse into the health care world.
Members of the BOCES Health Occupations class who are participating in this year’s program are: James Fulginiti of Jefferson, Kelly Filupeit of Margaretville and Cheyenne Bell and Caitlyn Marck, both of Hunter-Tannersville.
Under the direction of course instructor Elaine Faulkner, the students will visit Margaretville Hospital on five occasions this spring to experience various aspects of the health care field.
Mrs. Faulkner, a registered nurse, said the program allows for a hands-on learning experience that complements the students’ classroom studies.
The students taking part in these visits to Margaretville Hospital earn their science and math credits through BOCES as part of a one or two-year program. Their classroom studies include: anatomy and physiology, medical terminology and the proper use of equipment. In addition, the students receive training in the use of Automated External Defibrillators (AED), CPR, basic first-aid certification and first responder instruction.
By bringing the students to Margaretville Hospital and several other health care facilities, the students get a unique perspective about the field they anticipate entering.
“The key is for students to experience different viewpoints of their potential health care careers,” Mrs. Faulkner explained.
This cooperative program allows students to get a feel for different types of health care work. They also have the opportunity to receive feedback from professionals at the hospital.
“It’s really beneficial that Margaretville Hospital staff members allow us to assist the kids and help them explore their career opportunities,” Mrs. Faulkner noted.