Belleayre skiers take issue with parking


Editor’s note: The News rarely publishes unsigned letters but reserves the right to make exceptions to that practice. Although unsigned, the following letter is benign, makes an interesting argument, and the editor thought it would be of general interest to the paper’s readers. It would, of course, be a better and more compelling letter if the writers had taken credit for their work.

To The Editor:
With the takeover of Belleayre by ORDA, there have been so many great changes making the mountain better than ever for loyal patrons and new guests of Belleayre. However, it remains absolutely mind boggling to the vast majority of us that the employees of the mountain are allowed to park in the main parking lots (upper and lower) of the Overlook Lodge.
On any given weekend (or weekday) morning at 8 a.m., there have to be at least 40 plus cars belonging to management, staff, maintenance, DEC, ski patrol, ski instructors, and ski coaches taking up prime parking spaces that should be exclusively for paying customers.
Look at Hunter, Windham, Gore, Whiteface, local restaurants, and businesses. Nowhere else do you see this lack of regard for the lifeblood of the business, the paying customer.
Many of us travel more than three hours to ski at Belleayre. However, if we arrive around mid morning (9 a.m.) our reward is to park hundreds of yards away and drag our gear to the mountain. Yes, we know there are the parking lot buses but please allow us to suggest that you use those buses to shuttle employees to and from the lower maintenance parking area: not the upper or lower Overlook lot which paying customers use. Why the management would even consider the lower Overlook lot, which they are now doing with limited compliance, is completely absurd and short sighted. That should be 100 percent dedicated to customer parking.
Once again, look at the location of Windham and Hunter’s employee parking lots. They are not even close to where their customers park. They have arranged convenient transportation for their employees thereby avoiding employee dissatisfaction while meeting their customer expectations. How do they do it? They manage (and enforce) the process and expectations every day of the week, not just weekends.
Folks, it is basic management 101 and simple customer service! If an individual is being paid by the mountain, no matter what their job, they should not under any circumstances park ahead of, or in the spaces that could be used by the paying public. How difficult a concept is this to grasp? It is clearly understood (and enforced) by the other mountains in the area. It is also standard operating procedure at any ski area we have traveled to in the Northeast or around the country. No disrespect is meant to any of the affected employees, it just makes sense and most of us have the same rules where we work.
Let’s keep the improvements coming and make Belleayre a real customer-focused destination resort. This is such a simple fix, it just takes management creating and enforcing the rules!

Respectfully submitted from
A whole lot of loyal (but frustrated) Belleayre skiers