Belleayre phones down for more than two weeks

By Jay Braman Jr.
In case you are wondering, Belleayre Mountain Ski center has not disappeared.
Those who have called the state-run facility in the last two weeks may think otherwise. After dialing either the ski center’s toll free phone number or its regular phone number, the caller is informed that the number has been disconnected.
Why that is happening, and has been happening, remains a mystery. Unnamed sources say the central computer that runs the ski area’s phone system crashed and needs to be replaced.
A spokesman for the facility says they really don’t know what happened. Yancey Roy, a press officer for the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, which operates the ski center, said there have been intermittent problems with the phone system at Belleayre and that in order to find out precisely what the problem is and repair it they must shut the system down entirely. But, according to Roy, a decision was made to wait until Belleayre shuts down for the season before turning off the phones.
In the meantime, he said, Belleayre can be reached at 845 254-5601. That number is prominently placed on the ski center’s Website home page under a notice that reads “we are experiencing phone problems.”
All well and good for Belleayre, but for the Belleayre Conservatory, which runs a series of music events at the slopes during the summer, it creates a problem. The 2008 season has already been advertised, but right now those calling to reserve tickets only get a dial tone when trying to lock in the opportunity to see live performances by the likes of Broadway Star Bebe Neuwirth, Beach Boys Founder Brian Wilson, Irish Tenor Ronan Tynan, Country Music star Vince Gill and singer/songwriter Chris Isaak.
Roy said he expects the phones to be working soon.