Becker is a judge's judge


To The Editor:
I’ve known Fritz Becker for quite a long time. When I first served, as a Democrat, on the Stamford Village Board of Trustees, he was our village attorney. Fritz really taught me how to be a public official. He impressed me with his thoughtfulness, integrity, and how carefully he considered possibilities before reaching decisions.

When the village was dealing with the NYCDEP regarding plans for Stamford’s wastewater treatment plant regulatory upgrade, we were fortunate to have him on our negotiating team, as he held New York City’s feet to the fire. Had Fritz Becker not been there, the village would have been the poorer for it.

Over the past 10 years, Fritz has shown us the high quality of his work, in his service to Delaware County. The Drug Court, which he introduced, is a smashing success. He has tailored each sentence to fit both the needs of the community and the needs of those convicted of crimes.
Fritz is conscientious. He’s an intelligent man, very well read, and an effective legal researcher, so, when he renders a decision from the bench, you can count on his command of the facts and the law. Of all his strengths, I believe his compassion and dedication to protecting children and their families is perhaps what I admire most.

I recently heard someone refer to Fritz Becker as a “Judge’s Judge,” and I would agree wholeheartedly! That is why I will cast a vote for Judge Becker on Tuesday, November 6.

Anne Pratt Slatin,
Former Mayor of the Village of Stamford