Bear photo was gruesome


To The Editor:
As a bow hunter, I am very proud of the game animals that I harvest and how they provide for my family. I heartily congratulate Garrett Hinkley on his successful harvesting of the bear, a photo of which was published in the November 28 issue of the Catskill Mountain News.

Hunters have an intimate relationship with the outdoors and nature and the respect we have for nature must be reflected in our personal and public actions. This is one of the reasons we must me more respectful in the photographs we publish of what we harvest.

The photo of Garrett’s bear was in poor taste. By simply turning the animal around, or by taking the photo from another angle, and avoiding the gruesomeness that was display in your photo, it would have been in better taste and would have reflected more reverence and respect for the animal.
I would hope, in the future, you would take this into consideration.

Joel M. Riotto,