Awards from Roxbury 2014 graduation

Roxbury — Roxbury Central School passed out the following graduation awards at commencement on Saturday morning, June 28.
The Arc of Delaware County Scholarship, Ian O’Brien - $50; Gregg Bookhout Memorial Music Award, Joseph McAfee - $100; Todd Brainerd Memorial Art Scholarship, Ian O’Brien - $620; The College of New Jersey Merit Scholarship, Joshua Riley - $24,000; The Cronk Family Award, Joseph McAfee - $100; Jim Cuttita Agency Award, Ian O’Brien and Joshua Riley - $250 each; The Delaware County Bar Association, Samuel Nash and Kajus Normantas - $250 each and The Delaware County Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs, Skyler Fichtner - $250.
Also, The Delaware County Shields, Joshua Riley - $100; The Delaware National Bank of Delhi Corporate Charitable Trust, Joseph McAfee - $200; Earl B. Dudley American Legion Award of Merit, Joshua Riley - $100; Earl B. Dudley Unit 686 American Legion Auxiliary Award, Erin Hubbell - $100; John and Jean Dugan Scholarship Award, Kaelie Van Loan - $200; Roxbury Senior Citizens Home Ec Award, Desarié Fairbairn - $50 and the Grand Gorge Fire Department and Rescue Squad Award, Samuel Nash - $200.

Top phys ed. effort
Also Greatest Effort in Fitness through Physical Education Class, Kaelie Van Loan and Ian O’Brien - $25 each; Halcottsville Fire Dept. Award, Erin Hubbell - $50; Beatrice Hinman Hinkley Award, Adam Loper - $100; Ralph Ives American Legion Award of Merit, Kristopher Brew - $100; The Marge Lutz Memorial Award, Joseph McAfee - $1,000; The Margaretville Health Foundation, Emily Arvanete - $500; Marjorie Webster Lutz Award, Joseph McAfee - $100 and the The Michelle MacNaught Memorial Award, Erin Hubbell - $500.
Also Morse-Wilson Award, Kaelie Van Loan - $100; Henry and Margaret Munsell Memorial Award, Adam Loper - $100; The National Bank of Delaware County Award, Samuel Nash - $100; The National Scholar/Athlete Award: Joseph McAfee and Elizabeth Davis - Certificate and medal each; The New York STEM Award, Adam Loper - Full tuition to SUNY Albany; O’Connor Foundation Endowment Scholarship, Isaac Cline - $1,000; The Otsego-Schoharie and Delaware Masonic Charities, Skyler Fichtner and PTSA Scholarships; Elizabeth Davis - $1,000, Kaelie Van Loan and Joshua Riley - $500 each.
Also Pine Hollow Lodging Service Award, Desarié Fairbairn - $100; Region 8 SAANYS Scholarship, Joseph McAfee - $500; Lynn Cole Rivenburgh Award, Elizabeth Davis - $25; The RCS-Perazone Scholarships, Joseph McAfee - $750, Roxbury Alumni Association Award; Desarié Fairbairn - $300; The Roxbury Fire Department Award, Ian O’Brien - $250; Roxbury Rotary Scholarship, Emily Arvanete - $500 and the Roxbury Teachers Association Educational Grants, Joseph McAfee and Joshua Riley - $600 each, Elizabeth Davis and Ian O’Brien - $400 each and Garrett Peters and Kaelie Van Loan - $200.

Academic excellence
Also Scholarship for Academic Excellence, Joseph McAfee - $1,500 yr/4 years and Emily Arvanete - $500 yr/4 years; Science Olympiad Awards, Joseph McAfee and Adam Loper - $151 each and Elizabeth Davis - $131; These awards are under $100 and amounts were not disclosed, Kristopher Brew, Emily Arvanete, Desarié Fairbairn, and Ian O’Brien; The Otis A. Thompson Foundation Scholarship, Elizabeth Davis - $1,000/yr for 4 years; The Ulster and Delaware Railroad Historical Society Scholarship, Skyler Fichtner - $400, and the Linda Gregory Wagner Memorial Music Award, Joseph McAfee - $100.
Also the Hobart Fire & EMS Award; Tristan Mulder - $100; Robert Andrew Pasternak J. Memorial Scholarship, Tristan Mulder - $250; Dean M. Graham Award, Lisa Boyke - $250; Trained Logger Certification, Skyler Fichtner and Patrick Hanrahan; The Fred Zerega Sportsmanship Award, Joseph McAfee - $50; The Thomas D. Avery Scholarship, Joshua Riley - $2,000, and the GRLIC Award, Joseph McAfee - HP Laptop.