August 5, 2009: Suspect will have his day in court


To The Editor:
This letter is in response to a letter printed from Vicky O’Connell in Delhi:
You are right Ms. O’Connell, this is America. A person is innocent until proven guilty. Care has to be given when a person is accused of a certain crime. A murderer is innocent until proven guilty, but I would much rather that person sit in jail until we find out! Do you believe this man should still lead a church under these accusations? That he should be able to have access to minor children?
He will have his day in court, as his victims will. They have no reason to lie.
I am sure there are more victims out there afraid to come forward. Your letter certainly did not help that.
For all those abused by Father McDevitt-come forward. We all do not feel like Ms. O’Connell, people will believe you and want to help you!
Ms. O’Connell, you say Father McDevitt’s purpose in life has been destroyed. I say, “Thank God for that.”

Christina Perrone,