August 5, 2009: Coverage of priest story tops it


To The Editor:
I don’t like to take up the pen and write anymore these days at my age; I can’t change the world, the corruption, our corrupt government and so on, but I have to say what is in my heart and on my mind this time. The letter of the so-called Bishop really tops it. We are a people of faith, of a strong faith. I do not have faith in the Justice System. I have not seen very much to have that kind of faith.
Jesus said, “He who is without sin throw the first stone.” Our Pastor, Father James McDevitt, is a man of faith. He served our country well, became an educator and had to deal with children before he became a priest, and never a word that he did anything wrong while educating children and being a principal.
Now this newspaper, the Star, the Bishop and some people already have him hung and convicted while the jury and judge are still out. Give me a break.
Everyone of us remember when we were children getting into trouble we lied; what really bothers me is the ages 10 to 19. I knew what was right and what was wrong by the time I was five years old because my mother had taught me, had seen to it and was strict. If anybody had come near me to make me do anything that did not feel right, I would have screamed bloody murder and I did.
Until this happened I saw the boys playing around the Rectory, in the garage, while Father sat on the porch with one or two of the parishioners in conversations. He would make church dinners to get money together for the Eagle Scouts, or any other project that needed help for the boys, to keep them on the right track and give them a good start in life, and sometimes he would tell us about it. He took a small group of young people to Australia and they will tell you about this great trip and how wonderful it was. Now this man’s life is being torn apart, destroyed, his beliefs questioned. Before we the people shout “crucify him,” we better make damn sure he is guilty.
And Bishop Betancourt, we are not suffering. We are a people of faith, and we pray for Father James every day and believe in his innocence, even if you don’t. Watch EWTN Father Corapi and you find out priests that have been accused, and have never done anything wrong, because somebody did not like them or they have seen the dollar signs up in Heaven.

Iris K. Farrell,