August 27, 2008: Forward thinking is beneficial


To The Editor:
The Middletown history community should be congratulated for making the Catskill Mountain News available on-line. This is a treasure for those interested in local history and genealogy. In the past I have spent hours in the News office going through the papers that were made available to the public, but that was “drudgery” compared to the ability to type in a name or event and be brought to all of the instances of that name or word.
Genealogists should benefit from the instances in the “locals and personals” column which tell of visits of relatives to those in the Middletown area, and the relationship of these individuals to each other. The records of births, marriages and deaths should help those interested in those important events.
Diane Galusha has been very helpful in sending such announcements as the following: The Catskill Mountain News, 1902-37 (except 1920 and ’25) is now on-line, for your browsing and searching pleasure! Go to to read history as it was happening! A dedicated computer station at Fairview Library in Margaretville is also available for viewing and printing the News.
This resource was preserved by Hudson Microimaging with funds from the O’Connor Foundation, Dick Sanford, Herman Gottfried and the late Ed Scheider.”
I’m pleased to have been born and raised in this forward thinking community.

Robert A. Rowe,