August 27, 2008: Agenda question regarding cop


To The Editor:
There was no doubt in my mind that on Wednesday, August 20 our Margaretville Village Constable Harry Fox had an agenda to accomplish on his first day back. He immediately drove the village patrol car approximately100 yards to park it in front of the Village Pub at noon when we opened. He promptly left it there unattended until 4 p.m.
Upon his arrival three senior citizens sitting out front asked him why he would park and leave a village vehicle in a limited business parking area for the entire afternoon. His authoritative response was, “I can park where ever I want.” During this time period several deliveries to my business were delayed by not having the convenience of parking in close proximity.
The alarming issue is that this makes a potential medical situation more critical. I have a disabled Vietnam Veteran living in an apartment above the bar, who on several occasions has requested emergency medical assistance, as recent as August 17. Creating unnecessary obstacles could prevent timely medical attention and an unfortunate tragedy.
One of the senior citizens that questioned the constable on Wednesday was my 82-year-old father, who also approached him again in front of Summerfields during the street fair on Saturday. Harry again echoed his authority by telling him that anyone who questioned or challenged his authority or judgment would find themselves in an unforgiving situation. I did not find out about all of these events until Sunday morning while having breakfast with my father. Then, for the first time in my life, when my father asked me why someone would say and do this, I did not have an answer for him.
I have three businesses on Main Street in Margaretville and I am life-long resident along with my Dad. I hope there are not any more questions that I will be unable to answer in the future.         
Robin Tischmacher,
Main Street merchant