August 20, 2008: They want to blow up the mountain


To The Editor:
I will give Ms. Bauer’s letter a very brief answer because, if she persists in regurgitating “partners-for-profit’s” propaganda and obfuscation, that is all that it deserves. Instead of persisting in misleading people by referring to “average” salaries, they should publish (as I said in my original letter) median salaries to show where the money is really going. “Following the money” is an important investigative tool. If you factor in the millions of dollars that each of the partners in the “Blow Up The Mountain Gang” (BUTMG) expects to receive, the “average” that they publish is meaningless because it is so skewed by the great wealth at the top, which completely offsets the menial, minimal wages of the employees. At least the “hole in the wall gang” was honest about its motives—to steal money. The “BUTMG” continues to deceive, deny and obfuscate the truth.
Look at what happened in Atlantic City and many other resort areas. The casino developers practically guaranteed that their casino and hotel “strip” would revitalize the city. To the contrary, high crime rates, robberies, prostitution and illegal drug sales are endemic in the impoverished area that still surrounds the “strip” on all sides except the ocean.
I worked in government for 36 years and am somewhat familiar with “feasibility studies.” In this case, it may be as fictitious and useless as the numbers and assertions that the partners-for-profit conjure up. If it ever really existed, why was it not published? My basic statement to them is “If you have nothing to hide, hide nothing!” People here have more than double digit IQs. Give them the honest data so that they can make informed decisions.

Howard Mandell,
Pine Hill