August 20, 2008: Bridge is needed in Halcottsville


To The Editor:
I would like to thank Richard and Jenny Liddle for their very truthful, informative letter in last week’s CMN paper concerning the Grist Mill in Halcottsville. My husband and I lived in Halcottsville for 40 years. Back in the early 1960s Everett Herrick owned the mill and surrounding properties. He basically gutted the mill and made a restaurant downstairs and bedrooms upstairs. Windows and doors were changed; he added bathrooms. The water wheel was added on the side of the dam. It provided no function to the Mill House other than looks. The fields were used as campgrounds and it was called Herrick Park.
You can still see the poles for camper hookup and the old building that was showers and bathrooms. My parents managed the business for him.
Roxbury Central School used the lake for the summer swimming program. People could use the lake to swim, boat and in the winter people cleared the snow off part of the lake and went ice skating.
Over the following years different owners added to the Mill House. A deck was added very close to the road and the bridge. The mill is hardly anywhere near what it originally was.
The people of Halcottsville need a new bridge ASAP. Emergency vehicles should have access to get up Bragg Hollow and not worry about traveling Old River Road, and the people on Old River Road don’t need that kind of increased traffic.
Halcottsville needs the bridge ASAP!

Rina Van Valkenburg,