At Your Service: May 12, 2010

This Saturday at the fairgrounds in Walton the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce is hosting The Catskill Region Business Expo and Home Improvement Show. It affords opportunities for anyone who might attend, and there are many different reasons to do so.
Trade shows and business expos are routinely held so that people can present their company and its goods and services. This is the first of its kind in a long time in our area. It is a great opportunity to activate your buy local wishes and meet area businesses. Talk at length about your projects with the people whose services can meet your needs.
People at this end of the county (and vice versa) sometimes act as if Walton were on the moon – a place beyond access. In point of fact, we share more than we don’t. Those among us who live in Delaware County share a tax base and other obligations that need our support. We have much to gain by knowing one another and working in concert.
The fastest growing aspect of the Worldwide Web is that devoted to various kinds of networking. Almost all business success these days, Internet or otherwise, hinges on our ability to connect to other business people and customers. That is what waits in Walton this Saturday, at a cost of no more than a drive.
The Expo is not a job fair, but it will give anyone who is seeking a job the opportunity to meet with business people that may be in a position to hire them at some point in the future. Introduce yourself to those in your business area and have a conversation that will make you memorable and drop off a resume. They may not have an opening now, but your name could be the one they remember when they do.
There will also be free seminars that offer specific tips to improve the way you operate your business or your job seeking efforts. Every hour a new subject will be presented by area business people talking about the things they do every day. We teach best what we do and these people are truly in the know. Expand your horizons, find new and creative solutions to old problems or learn a better way to do something you do every day.
Every one of us who live in this region is a part of the same business community. This crazy Catskill region has a host of unique issues and opportunities. We are each more or less successful based on how well we deal with these challenges. No matter how smart we are or how well we work on our own, we have so much to gain by working together. This expo is the perfect chance to meet many of our peers and form some strategic alliances.
Each business, like the people who own and work for it, has something unique to contribute to our larger business community. Our community is larger than we sometimes think. By some measures, it is the world and anyone who doubts that should pay attention to what happens as the oil spill in the Gulf drives up everyone’s costs. At the very least, we are all part of the Catskill region and will find much we can learn from one another at our business expo.